Will the real Cunt please stand up? (Samantha Bee, stand up.)

To the chorus of “Old McDonald had a farm…”

With a cunt, cunt there. And a cunt, cunt here. You’re a cunt, I’m a cunt. Everyone’s a cunt, cunt!

First, let’s look at all these life and death issues – the actual human rights violations ignored – so everyone could bitch about the name-calling and piss poor jokes currently labeled politically incorrect by sanctimonious attention whore identity politics:

(NPR) Lost Mothers: Maternal Mortality in the U.S.

Pew Research Center: America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record

NASA: Global Climate Change

FBI: Human Trafficking/Involuntary Servitude

Now, isn’t it a shame I had to creatively use the term cunt, and post about trivial social hiccups, for you to take notice of the above issues/links?

As an English teacher, I have the authority to lecture words only have the power we give them. If you make a word taboo, you give it power. And you give power to the gate-keepers of that word. We live in a society where humanity has allowed man-made sounds to ruin a person’s career, an entire life, just because a word is uttered. This is wrong.

Here’s an experiment: Write any “offensive” word on a piece of paper – write down the worst racial slur you can think of…. Now, place that place of paper on a table in front of you. Wait. Look at the word. Wait. Keep looking at the word…. Did that word jump off the table and smack you in the face? Did that word pull a gun on you?

My two-cents worth on the “cunt” debacle:  Ivanka Trump isn’t a “cunt” on any planet. She’s a young mother and an advocate for maturity care/leave. And she’s brought more attention to the issue of maturity leave than the Bernie Sander’s campaign.* Ivanka hasn’t hurt anyone. She’s not a politician; she’s a president’s daughter. Thus, unfairly targeted in the alt-left’s jealous rages.

Samantha Bee is a cunt and a bully. That being said, she has the 1st Amendment right to say whatever the fuck she wants so long as she doesn’t partake in verbal threats of physical harm. (Section 8, 1st Amendment) My critique of Bee – if you’re going to call someone a cunt, at least make sure they’re a cunt.

In fact, Bee’s projecting more than just a tad. She’s not only projecting her own cunt-ness but her one-sided intrasexual competition. Yep, it’s the age-old story of the ugly bitter woman out to ruin the beautiful unassuming woman. Bee has a hate-on for attractive traditionalists who simply made different life choices. And this is the hypocrisy of present day liberals – they’re all for choice when it’s the same choice they made.

Now, for that other thing – the “Rosanne” fiasco. A tasteless joke is a tasteless joke. If liberals have actually forgotten what racism is in all their ubiquitous “crying wolf” and slandering accusations of racism, I’ll take them through my city, Birmingham’s Civil Rights Museum. You stupid liberals. We are all primates – homo sapiens. Heard of evolutionary biology? (Hint: It’s what you cite when you argue with religious fundamentalists.) Rosanne’s inappropriate, insensitive joke/insult doesn’t make her a racist. It makes her an asshole.

And for the mock offense from popular social media accounts and public pundits demanding apologies: 1) You’re not owed an apology. 2) Stop using tasteless jokes and insults as an excuse to virtue signal and make everything about you. 3) Bee didn’t make it “alright” for assholes to call women cunts. They’ve done so, and much worse, since the dawn of time. 4) Since you’re entitled enough to demand an apology for “all women,” try apologizing to the world for taking focus away from all too real suffering and human rights violations so you could throw a virtue signaling tantrum.


*The Sander’s campaign changed the wording to “family leave” as not to offend male feminists, egalitarian dudebros, transgender attention whores, and faggots. How do I know this? I was on the Alabama state ballot as a potential delegate for Sanders. He folded and pandered to attention whore identity politics instead of sticking to economic issues.