The Left’s Shame Game

I call it the Left’s modus operandi the shame game because it’s how liberals character assassinate and mentally break down anyone not on their bandwagon with this form of psychological warfare. Gas-lighting, mental manipulation that makes you question your reality,  is heavily employed. Whether you approve of cuss words or not, mental fuckery is the clearest phrase to describe their shame game – a three-point system of psychological warfare.

The trivium of the Left’s shame game: humiliation/shaming – usually public and personal; gaslighting* – manipulating circumstances, an audience or their target to warp the facts, words, events and reality; character assassination – the demonization and witch-hunt of the Left’s target, the personal and professional damning results to their target’s career, personal life, family, and health.

How does one respond? Be unapologetic. If they’re misrepresenting your words, clarify your words and expose them as liars. And have the attitude of: “Yeah, I said it. Deal.” Or simply don’t respond at all. Remember, attention whores are the type of emotional terrorists that thrive off of attention.

An interesting term often used interchangeably with emotional terrorist is emotional vampire. Because it sounds a bit new-agey, I tend not to use this term. However, the wording paints a definitive picture – one that speaks to the depths of the human psyche. As it’s been put to me: “How does one slay a vampire? Drag it into the light.” This is the most effective method; no one can pull the stake out at a later date. Expose liberal lies by calling them what they are – lies. The way you can debate a liar is with the truth. Do this by providing well researched sources from cross-referenced material to back up facts.

The Left too often points the finger at the Right in regards to sexism and shaming of women. But it’s exactly what they do. When women defends herself against their shame game, she’s labeled “angry,” “crazy,” or “moody” all for not going along with their mental fuckery. A snarky, witty, or just flippant woman is a dangerous thing to the Left because not only it she not taking them seriously, she’s completely dismissing them. And the only way they can retaliate is to do their shame gaming of character assassination, cry-bullying, and public attempts at humiliation.

When it comes to what the Left calls “cis” men, their endgame is obvious – the extinction of masculinity. Traditional heterosexual males are under attack just as frequently as feminine “traditional” women. “Traditional” like “patriarchy” is a neutral word that much has been put upon; and, when they say “traditional” they’re not talking about passing down Grandma Polly’s cornbread dressing recipe. They’re using that term as a slur. The men who build bridges, drive rockets into space, and fix the plumbing are under attack by morons who can cite some Marxist philosopher by heart, but can’t sew on a button or install a bookcase. My great-granddaddy called this certain type of moron an educated idiot.

Alt-left Narcissism & Sociopathy

The Left claims that we cannot mirror their actions back at them – fight passive-aggression or overt rudeness by throwing it back. This double standard is a page torn straight from the narcissist’s handbook. Narcissists and sociopaths are difficult to diagnose because it’s their victims that end up in therapy. What narcissist is going to admit to being a narcissist? Both narcissists and sociopaths use shame and guilt to make their target look and feel bad and/or crazy.

Making you feel and look crazy is what sociopaths and narcissists do. Liberalism is the perfect vehicle for narcissism with its pseudo victim narrative because narcissists often are pseudo victims. Thus, you’ll find a number a narcissists, sociopaths, and anti-personality disorders on the left side of the political spectrum. Liberals mirror and project their issues onto others because they cannot confront the monster inside – the fact they are the racist, misogynist monster they’re looking for. This is evident in their gas-lighting, and their racist “cultural appropriation” anti-multiculturalism claims. Liberals are projectile vomiting their shadow selves onto the rest of us.

A false sense of familiarity is assumed, sometimes publicly presented, by the leftist attempting to shame and manipulate his/her target into caving, “seeing the light” of their way. Faking familiarity and guilting their target into submission is a tactic used by sociopaths. (The Gift of Fear) As I show screenshots of how I recently encountered this unsettling and predatorial behavior in my previous post, I inadvertently found myself a human rights activist… and the Left hates me for it., leftist creeps present an emotional appeal in the form of “you need help” or “you’re hurting.” While none of this is true, it’s a below the belt blow that makes the victim defend their sanity. I address this tactic by succinctly calling it exactly what it is – dishonest and sociopathic emotional blackmail. Or I simply ignore it, and continue shooting down whatever unethical propaganda their trying to sell with hard facts. Sometimes putting on your Vulcan ears is the best solution.

There’s a large overlap of liberals and the new-age movement. One negative aspect or result of this is that liberalism, especially this SJW trend, is infected with this “fluffy bunny” ideology of be all light – all “love and light.” While this sounds like a nice sentiment, it echoes of “The Secret” snake-oil: Just think positive thoughts and you’ll always be happy and wealthy. This always be “light and happy” isn’t just impossible; it’s silly and it’s unhealthy. Humans require balance.

Unfortunate events will happen. People die and tornadoes happen. Nature is a balance of creation and destruction. Earth needs balance, especially in light of extremes today. What’s so insidious about leftists preaching to be “light,” “nice,” and “agreeable”? When you’re polarized, you’re off-balance. This is how they set the stage for civil imbalances:  dictatorships, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. When you’re not allowed to be “bad,” you can’t protest. And this is exactly why free speech – our 1st Amendment – is under attack. Shut down civil protest – the highest form of protected speech – of issues in the public domain, and you shut down America.

We didn’t change; the Left did.

I am a person of mixed politics, therefore, I can see the entire field. I see the bad, good, and ugly of all sides. And the good on the Left is quickly vacating the Left. Liberal thinking and conservative acting, is how I’ve been described. Liberal – I don’t care what you do as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Your body is yours, your personal space is yours. I’ll treat you the same way you treat me. I’m very much a fan of the Gold Rule, especially its Wiccan version: Do what ye will, harm ye no one. I tend to initiate conversation with pleasantries and Southern hospitality unless there’s aggression, which includes passive aggression, in the person’s words or demeanor.

Southerner’s tend to be friendly and with a slew of interesting colloquialisms. And Southern belles tend to be spit-fires. Our belles – women with wit, sass, and charm – are often confused with some kind of creepy, old world etiquette because the rest of the country, with their Canadian and European bedfellows, put their own issues onto our culture.

Liberals, present-day leftists from classical to Anti-fa, believe that everything is one-dimensional – either good or bad. Yes, this starkly contrasts with their own relative morality of every action is some shade of gray. Therefore, cultures have rights and people don’t when the rest of the moral world knows it’s the other way around. When they see you be all Southern sweet they don’t know, or accept, there’s sass and spice as well as sweetness. Liberals don’t want to acknowledge that people are so much more than just their one dimensional categories and labels.

Liberal, the term and the side on the political spectrum, isn’t the same as it was in the 1980s. It started to morph in the 1990s. When I was twelve, my family moved from the open community of Knoxville, Tennessee to an small, insular, Alabama town. Our Knoxville neighborhood, surrounded by untamed forests in the foothills of the Smokies, was diverse in ethnicity, age, and religion. And this was the 1980s. As an adult, I’ve seen current leftists make a big deal out of something that was completely normal to me as a young kid.

When we moved to Cullman, Alabama I saw what today is called the Alt-right. It scared me to my bones. Naturally, as a child who’d seen beauty and now ugliness, I always thought of myself as liberal. Liberals were for individuality and freedom; they stood against oppression and suffering. Today, this is simply not true.

Hijacking & Diluting Words

Liberal, just like feminist, is a now diluted term. I considered myself a feminist because I’m a feminine woman. Look at the root word of that term. I’m pro-woman. If feminism in its hijacked 21st century form is about women becoming men or vice versa, acting like a man, doing male jobs that women are not made for because of biological and physical differences, then they need to get a new term. There is nothing feminine about any of that.

As a young lady, I thought feminism was about celebrating the female body for all that it does and recognizing personal autonomy over our bodies. Historically, women’s art and work has been grossly under-valued, called “arts and crafts” apart from fine art, and house-keeping and family recipes taken for granted, I thought feminism was also about preserving female history and wisdom. Feminism in its current form is about erasing the feminine, just like the early Church erased the Sacred Feminine two thousand years ago. Intersectional/egalitarian feminism is an assault on motherhood and families, masculinity and femininity.

The only rabid liberals and feminists I saw with in undergraduate (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) and graduate school (University of Montevallo). I regarded the radical fringe – what would morph into part of the Alt-left – to just hiding out in academia because everyone else would call bullshit on their bullshit. For a time, academia and Hollywood were the gilded towers of gold calves. Now their golden calves are everywhere because they left the barn gate open on purpose.

Ask questions:  How can parents and doctors put preteens on hormones that will warp their bodies, render them infertile, and result in mental health issues, such as hormonal psychosis, just because these adults claim a child is “transgender?” Why are egalitarian feminists propping up “stay-at-home dads” as a good thing instead of abusive losers when mothers have to return to menial jobs days after giving birth with stitches in their vaginas? What happens when vegans try to make cats – strict carnivores – vegan cats? What will be the long term effects of liberal science denial concerning the necessity of vaccines* on public health and safety? Why do leftists call people with differing opinions “Nazi” when this diminishes the horrors of the Holocaust?

Say “goodbye” to Facebook & Twitter

Liberals plan to win by making the rest of us look, feel, and sound crazy. Personally, I think it’s best to get off of social media, or just have extremely private accounts for family and close friends. No one you just meet should expect to be on your private social media accounts. Free-speech includes the right to decide what you want to listen to – you have the right to verbal and physical boundaries. Thus, you control what others post on your personal websites. This is what makes Twitter problematic – there are no boundaries. Facebook allows too many people into your life.

Twitter is all soundbites. And we’ve seen what liberals do with soundbites, even if they’re vanilla. When someone is out to misunderstand you and misrepresent you, they can and will twist and misuse any actions and words. It doesn’t matter if you have the best PR team spinning your persona. Demonizing is their modus operandi. And it’s not new. Look back to the Salem Witch Trials and The Inquisition. Read the insane court transcripts. How could they have believed such crazy and grotesque things.

Facebook and Twitter is not the place to argue politics and issues with anyone. Both of these social media applications are heavily used to character assassinate. Even if you are on the side of good, a united grassroots movement addressing human rights issues, these social media platforms are not healthy. And this is why I recently closed a Twitter account I made for Southern Belle Humanism, and why I deleted my Facebook account after the last presidential election.

The Left has changed. I am calling this now – the parties are switching again. Personally, I’m done with labels. When you adopt a label, you’re associating yourself with everything under that label – the good and the bad. I am not a label; I am a human being. And so are you.


*Gaslight (1944), The Gaslight Effect

*Just as conservatives have their issues with science and science denial, so do liberals. However, liberals are often seen as intellectuals, and they get away with ignoring and dismissing facts.