Amber Geislinger’s Proverbs… (you’re welcome.)

I’ve written essays and little adages since I could hold a pencil and stream words together on paper. My mother gave me my first journal in the second grade; I read my Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as a preteen, high-lighting my favorite words. Often, a teacher thought I was certainly dense when I mispronounced words simply because I’d never heard the word before… I learned words by reading above my grade level. I learned to read by sight, just like my parents and grandparents – no yuppie “hooked on phonics” for me.

My love of reading and hours outside the classroom learning new words wasn’t rewarded by teachers and schools. The 1980s was about crushing the intellect out of children into a specified mold – education was pedagogy. Learning was not the system’s gig. Recitation, short term memory, and standardized testing weeded out little burgeoning citizen scientists and philosophers, free-thinkers and introspective students who thoroughly processed information before regurgitating a potentially correct answer for a multiple question test designed to trick and not teach. You wanna know what’s wrong with education today? Look back.

It should have come as no surprise to everyone who knew little Amber that I had a way with words. Even as a child, I could respond to an adult with a little quip that would be sure to offend, delight, surprise, and sometimes shock. My parents were alarmed by my precocious gift. But they never tried to stamp in out.

Family and friends sometimes look to me to find and weave together the words they feel and need into sentiments and explanations. When I started a YouTube channel (Southern Belle Humanism), I didn’t think folks would want to know my certain convictions, just the thoughts of my guests. When they started asking, I did a handful of vblogs. It’s important we be autonomous is the digital age of transparency, taking control of our words with personal blogs/vblogs and eschewing immediately interactive, shit-stirring means of social media:  Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Freedom of speech does not beholden you to give audience to all solicitations, entertaining all opinions and realities. Quite the opposite, free speech allows you to discern the bullshit.

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of my adages and expressions. If you quote me, credit me. I hex plagiarists. 

  • Logic without empathy is psychopathy; empathy without logic is hysteria.
  • If you’re the kind of person who’s more offended by fuck, shit, or goddamn than climate change and rights violations, you’re a failure as a human being.
  • If you aim to appeal and appease, you’ll get status quo in return… or worse.
  • Extremes will get you killed.
  • Younger people are not your equals regardless of their social status. (in regards to ageism)
  • The reason nothing gets done properly or orderly:  nepotism.
  • There is a difference between authoritarian and angry when spoken and written. People who confuse and conflate these tones have an agenda.
  • Socialism and communism are not the same things. Neither are capitalism and democracy.
  • There will always be slackers and entitled brats. Often, they will be the children of the wealthy.
  • When everyone is a victim, those who have been victimized are silenced, drowned out by pseudo victim narratives.
  • Any movement that turns into a witch-hunt is a witch-hunt.
  • There is a power whore class of people that have always been with us. They don’t build libraries, civic centers, and donate to cancer research because they are good people. They do these corporeal works of mercy to avert another revolution.
  • There is no universal “one-size-fits-all” rules of civility and body language. Both are relative to culture, region, generation, upbringing, etc.
  • There is no fixed such thing as an appropriate or professional image, which remains influx with eras and generations. There are marketing and PR firms crafting and selling images (and narratives) for unscrupulous reasons.
  • This needs to be made crystal clear:  a housewife/homemaker/stay-at-home-mommy is not the same thing as a socialite and/or latte sipping “soccer mom” with a maid, lawn service, gated community, gym membership, and au pair. The first is a vocation, a job – albeit a socially unappreciated collection of multiple jobs. The second is a bourgeoisie bitch. (Clean your own toilet, you vapid bitch.)
  • Sociopaths and narcissists call confronting and reporting human rights violations “hyperbole” because they lack a conscience. They lack a soul.

To be continued….