Southern Belle Humanism says Farewell with a nod to Allies…

The last two vblogs of Southern Bell Humanism are posted. I want to make it very clear to allies, my accidental allies with whom I’ve never spoken or met, that not all Southerners are like the entitled Antebellum hangovers with whom you’re dealing. As I stated on my farewell vblog, just because a person holds the labels Democrat and liberal doesn’t mean they are your ally, or share your particular convictions. Southern Democrats are not the same thing as a registered Democrat from New England.

What you need to understand: When these opposing attorneys, the filers of this SLAPP suit were young, it was their time. When these sixty to ninety-year-old men were in their prime – men could fuck the maid in the pantry, send blacks to the back of the bus, and asylums called “maternity homes” imprisoned unwed mothers. Of course they feel entitled to take a baby off its mother’s breast all because one of their privileged females covets that child. They still think it’s their time; they believe they have the right to inflict their wants on the powerless. And they still sneer the same excuse they did regarding slavery and segregation:  “It’s legal!”

The power whore class of people from the Old South are still with us. They never left. They don’t build libraries, civic centers, and donate to cancer research because they are good people. They do these corporeal works to avert another revolution.

And let’s start calling these private sector forced adoptions exactly what they are:  legalized kidnapping. Yes, that is the colloquial term. Pragmatic realists do not buy legal whitewashing or play charades with human life. Legalized kidnapping has been a practice used by adoption agencies, agencies unaffiliated with any social service – private sector and for-profit, since the time of Georgia Tann and her accomplices. (Knoxville Focus, Nashville Scene, “The Baby Thief”)

Immoral people with agendas confuse and conflate ethical and unethical adoptions to cover their ass and obfuscate their diabolical deeds from the general public because they know such a human rights violation is a public concern. Often, it is not uncommon for social services to be kept out of such dealings.

A legal/philosophical question:  Isn’t filing a “pick-up” order in the wrong court, say juvenile court instead of probate and probable collusion with judge(s), perpetuating fraud upon the courts?

Hypothetically, let’s say a woman of privilege connives with an abusive ex to obtain the address of a mommy and her nursing baby. Whose name is on that pick-up order issued by the wrong court? Is it the mother’s name, or the name of a family member with whom the mother resides? Do police officers place the baby in interim care with a well-vetted third party, or is the mother’s babe taken directly to the other woman? Why would DHR not be involved?

Who would argue that any contract on human life is moral? When money and contracts are involved, it’s human trafficking.

Why do We the People still abide oligarchies and old money?

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