Arizona Official caught for adoption trafficking/child smuggling & Medicaid fraud

I addressed the cruel adoption trafficking scams of the Marshall Islands back in 2015. The indigenous people of the Islands are prime victims for the predatorial private adoption industry:  the concept of adoption means a completely different thing in their culture. The term adoption, of course, is an English word. History shows family separation to be an insidious practice long before the forced separations occurring at the border. It occurs in many nuanced forms.

Paul Petersen, an elected Arizona official, was charged with a plethora of crimes from fraudulent adoptions to child smuggling. But like Al Capone, it was the issue of financial fraud that brought Petersen down. The Government and Americans take their pocket books seriously; citizens care that the Medicaid system they pay into is defrauded. Al Capone was caught for tax evasion. The FBI got Paul Petersen on Medicaid fraud.

Citation from CBSNews: Arizona official charged with human smuggling in adoption fraud

Phoenix, Arizona — The assessor of Arizona’s largest county has been indicted in connection with 11 felony offenses, including human smuggling, sale of a child and communications fraud in an adoption fraud scheme, authorities said.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office confirmed the 32-count federal indictment Tuesday against Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen for conspiracy, theft, forgery, and 29 counts of fraudulent schemes, The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.

Petersen has for years run an adoption law practice in Mesa that involves bringing women from the Marshall Islands to the U.S. to give birth. Their babies are then adopted by U.S. parents, authorities said. Petersen charged $40,000 per adoption, according to his website.

Petersen illegally obtained services from Arizona’s Medicaid system for the women by falsely claiming they are Arizona residents, the indictment said. He also violated U.S. law prohibiting citizens of the Marshall Islands from traveling to the U.S. for the purpose of adoption, the indictment said.

Medicaid fraud is a serious factor in the privatized adoption market, which has been described as “baby selling” in the media and general public. Private agencies and attorneys often use Medicaid for the pregnant mothers they target despite grooming disenfranchised and vulnerable their targets into believing that government assistance is “shameful” or “sinful.” Adoptive parents reportedly keep these children of poor and/or unwed mothers on Medicaid despite their abundance of resources. The entitled and wealthy may think they know how to rig or circumvent the system. But they eventually get caught – one thing the average American seems to care about more than the issue of a human rights violation is the money that comes out of their pocket books.

Arizona county assessor charged in human smuggling case

Elected Arizona assessor accused in scheme to sell children for adoption is suspended