Cherokee: Exposing Liberal Racism

This post is dedicated with love to Mama and Sunae Thomson.

It was seventh grade when a blond kid with dishwater pale blue-eyes kid turned around to inform me that I didn’t look Native American – that I was too pale. Why did he do this? Because I spoke up in dissent when the teacher made derogatory comments about American Indians. This was the same 7th grade teacher who informed the girls that we’d be whores, and have our hypothetical babies taken from us, if we had sex outside of wedlock. Blond kid was pudgy, popular, and of the specific Anglo stock celebrated by Cullman, Alabama – a small town known even in the 1990s as a “sun down town.”  This wouldn’t be the only time in my life that an affluent blue-eyed blond informed me of what I was or wasn’t in my life. Their attempts to box in what they consider lesser whites didn’t end well for any of them, as I’m not an easy woman to victimize. The pecking order of the white world would be known as racism if the mainstream masses admitted to the classism and inter-racism of Caucasians.

I’ve always found the pinnacle of hypocrisy and hubris to be the Anglo diaspora – that white elite in their gated communities, limousine liberal zip codes, and their Ivy League, who profess to speak for the indigenous peoples across the globe as well as instruct us poor American mutts as to what we can and can’t claim in our heritage. That’s right – the blond and blue-eyed ones believe they have the power to instruct peoples of color, especially the tribes of the Americas, how to think, emote, and brand themselves. Just google what happens when a descendant of the Cherokee puts feathers in her hair. One-fourth great-granddaughter not only “isn’t Indian enough” but she “doesn’t have the right” to claim her heritage according to white-privileged lords of the Limousine Liberal Left.

Like mine, her ancestor(s) probably hid in the Appalachians, found whites to marry, and refused to leave their bioregion because it was in their blood. These were some of the First Nations People who stayed in the Southeast. It wasn’t easy to escape the Trail of Tears. Therefore, they often dispersed and avoided big groups. Groups were often massacred. Could it be that the SJW generation claiming the scions of the Americas cannot claim their family history because these SJWs are the descendants of the elite class that implemented the Trail of Tears? More than likely, yes. Power hasn’t changed hands that much in the last two hundred years. Generation Butthurt has more in common with America’s equivalent to Hitler – Andrew Jackson – than they do with the marginalized peoples for whom they claim to speak.

“Nazi-eyed” is a private term, private until now, that I use to refer to elitist and bigots of every brand who think their type of genetics is somehow superior to the rest of us. And, yes, usually it’s literally a blue-eyed blond in my personal experience. But it doesn’t have to be a bigot of blue eyes. My term can be figurative as well.

Mama and I both took one of those DNA tests a couple years ago. My father and sister refused stating they didn’t want the government to have their DNA. Mama, of course, came up Native American. However, I got my test back first and was bewildered when I didn’t show Native. (I did, however, show up more African. The percentages work out to where the African is on both sides of the family, including my father’s. But Dad says he doesn’t believe in DNA. Whatever.) Turns out, according to my Lakota acquaintance, my Cherokee is in all that “unassigned” stuff – what I’ve heard called “junk” DNA. She explained to me that most American Indian tribes share the conviction regarding DNA testing with my sister and father. And if tribes aren’t submitting DNA test kits, there’s no record/mapping of that population on all these ancestry databases. Therefore, when some distant cousin takes a DNA test, the DNA they share with their indigenous cousins is unassignable.

One of the reasons we ended up in Catholic school after my family moved from Tennessee to Alabama was because my sister was bullied for her looks. She was called “Chinese checkers” and other popular racial slurs of Cullman, Alabama. My little sister inherited certain features from our non-Caucasian ancestors. However, today, the admittance of our ancestors self-righteously enrages the leftist, liberal, Anti-fa, etc., most of whom are white college kids from upper middle class to wealthy backgrounds.


Graduate school – me and my sister, Emily, on the right (2007)

My family was forced to hide and forget our ancestors because of the religious right and conservatives of history, and the recent past. But now it’s the Left who gas-lights and verbally assaults those of us who claim, love, and respect our ancestors. My ancestors had to hide who they were, even from their own children. Now it’s the Left that’s trying to make us hide them. This ugliness – this socially acceptable brand of racism pimped out by the limousine liberal Left – makes me ashamed to be human. As my aunt-friend Sunae says, it seems like we should have evolved beyond racism by now.

scan012 (2)

Emily and I during the Cullman years.

The fascination with my background didn’t end once I escaped Cullman, or as it’s said in the South: “Who are your people?” I started college at a community college in Chattanooga just after my sophomore year of high school. (Yes, I skipped two years of high-school.) I worked at a bookstore, and a customer who happened to be a member of the Tennessee tribes walked up to the customer service desk. He was one of the Elders, and, unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of his tribe. But when he asked for an art book that had pictures of animals, this led to a conversation about spirituality, regional history, and ultimately he told me: “You are too pretty to be all white. And if you are of Native blood, it will come out on your walk in this life.” The Elder said that to me when I was eighteen. Over twenty years later, I still remember his words even though the rest of that period in my life is foggy and disjointed due to the violence of my first marriage.


me, a  student of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, circa 1998

I’ve heard the Generation Butt-hurt fallacy that the question “what are you” is racist. I don’t buy into their bullshit there. But if it is racist, apparently, I experienced a lot of that racism. Throughout my twenties and even occasionally today in my forties, I still am asked about my heritage. And so is my sister. I don’t take offense; I’ve professionally modeled. I was very aware as a young woman how both men and women stopped to look at me. The questioning was a compliment. When people ask this, they’re saying: “How do we get more like you?” We’re wired to find racially ambiguous people attractive and exotic, and I propose it’s because this attraction strengthens genetics by promoting genetic diversity. Apparently, the SJW Left wants everywhere to be a Cullman, Alabama where cousins marry cousins.

If the average entitled SJW brat hasn’t been offended by my family history, they’re bound to be offended by this statement: I’ve experienced racism. Yep. And guess where it came from… white people:

  1. As a young college student in Chattanooga, I shopped at a Wal-Mart in the redneck area of town. I lived downtown where there was no place to purchase cat food and litter, so I had to make the trek to dangerous areas where white people roamed wearing polo shirts, camo, and tube tops. While wheeling a buggy full of cat food to the checkout line, I heard a guy shouting something about “goth” and “look at that” followed by threatening laughter. I glanced around expecting to see some public-school rednecks bullying one of their goth/punk outsider classmates. I turned to see two blond guys and a blond girl around my age about twenty feet behind me. They were pointing at me and threatening me. But they didn’t come any closer. There were too many people around, and they hadn’t received the reaction they wanted because I’d been previously oblivious to them. They were all rather unfortunate looking, probably meth-heads. I wasn’t, and have never been, remotely “goth.” I was wearing a brilliant blue and fuchsia sundress with strappy sandals that day. I’ve never listened to The Cure, owned a pair of combat boots, wore black lipstick, and I’m not a fan of vampires. I think vampires are gross.

(I want to point out that I’ve never had anyone of African descendant or otherwise ever threaten me in this manner. And I lived in downtown in “the ghetto” before Chattanooga was gentrified. I ventured out to Wal-Mart in the redneck suburbs and experienced racism from creepy whites who potentially would have attacked me if I’d been in a less visible locale. Also, when a man tried to break into my house in 2013, he was an older white man. Don’t worry – I scared that mother-fucker away.)

  1. During my first year of graduate school, a hag of a professor – one of those females who brags about breaking glass ceilings then builds them back over other women – asked the class who was “Indian.” Contrary to what SJWs believe, only about four of us out of a class of over twenty raised our hands. We had no idea that she was going to hold this against us; she didn’t preface her question. After she counted us, she went on to tell a story about how she had recurring dreams about Indians slaughtering her family as a young girl. She whole-heartedly believed this was a past life.

I don’t recall how the hag came to that subject, but when she assigned research groups, she did something very unscrupulous, just like you would expect from a racist. The group that hag assigned me to was happy to have me because I’m a thorough researcher, I’ll even do most of the work. When it came time to present our projects, she claimed to me – and the class – that she’d assigned me to a different group. My group, as well as the entire class, protested. She threw a fit and insisted otherwise. Hag set me up for failure with the entire class having witnessed what she’d done.

These aren’t the only experiences of racism I experienced. And they probably won’t be the last. The most recent was Nazi-Eyes of Twitter. Let’s lay out some facts about Nazi-Eyes before I revisit the how this entitled, privileged member – white male of Generation Butt-hurt – showed his entire ass up on the internet. Under an anonymous account, white boy asserts himself as a Great White Savior, which is an actual mentality that is a very real problem as seen in toxic charities, NGOs and plantation-style policies of the Left. (i.e. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth & Poverty, Inc.)

Nazi-Eyes is that rich white boy, the entitled brat, who speaks for indigenous peoples. The tactic of control for white liberals is to virtue signal by “speaking out” for marginalized peoples but not allowing them to have their own voice, their own freedom of speech. When a person of a liminal place or disenfranchised group disagrees with the Left, they are verbally tarred and feathered; they are witch-hunted. When limousine liberals like Nazi-Eyes catch someone, especially a young lady, embracing her heritage, they claim their ugly “cultural appropriation” fallacy. They verbally assault and cyber-bully her all for being who she is.

I know Nazi-Eyes’ real name and location because he was on my YouTube Channel, Southern Belle Humanism. I’m not going to dox him, but I will make sure all the screenshots of bullying, cry-bullying, misogyny, and cyber-stalking of his targets will surface to haunt him when the time is appropriate. I stopped him from cyber-bullying/stalking a young girl back in 2017. She’d posted mystical pictures of herself in a fashion head-dress and with a horse/unicorn. Nazi-Eyes attacked her, encouraging a hoard of SJW brats, who invent pseudo issues and pretend offenses as excuses to practice their misogyny, cyber-stalk this young girl. He was attempting to re-create the Chinese dress fiasco because Nazi-Eyes has admitted he aims to be the face of the Alt-left.

Nazi-Eyes just doesn’t look like the product of his mother breeding with a Nazi; he looks like a bag of douche and a hypocrite. He, Great White Bag of Douche, talked about his studying and teaching of martial arts – all forms of Asian martial arts. Yep, white boy who has no Asian background whatsoever culturally appropriated an entire continent. When confronted about this, Nazi-Eyes opined that it was fine and dandy for him to appropriate because it was “positive.”

Emily and I

Emily on the right

Nazi-Eyes went on to attempt to inform me that I didn’t have any right to claim my Cherokee heritage, so I hexed him. Nazi-Eyes is no different from those whites who called me “nigger lips” for having bigger lips than the average white person. He is as racist as the Cullmanites who harassed me and my little sister. Nazi-Eyes simply hides his racism behind his virtue-signaling and limousine liberal sanctimonious jargon.


Nazi-Eyes laughed at my vocation as an inadvertent and unpaid human rights activist. He’s from that generation where they need payment, incentives, to be a good person. Selfless acts of compassion and unpaid activism is shamed and ridiculed by SJWs/Generation Butt-hurt. Their relative amorality and lack of empathy exposes them – they feign to be offended for attention, ego, and the excuse to dominant those they witch-hunt and label “evil” or The Other.

The present-day liberal is just as guilty at denying people their voice – First Amendment right – and at obfuscating historical fact as their conservative counterparts. Where’s the line for SJWs of what’s an acceptable amount of American Indian before you can claim your own ancestors? Why are they being allowed to set unwritten and racist rules? How do they define “enough?” The girl they bullied is one-fourth. That’s significant.


Maria Tallchief

Maria Tallchief is one of two of my favorite prima ballerinas. (My other is Sonia Arova…  and I knew her!) Ballet was my escape from the madness of Cullman, ballet and Star Trek. Maria was America’s first prima ballerina as well as America’s first Native American ballerina. She was a member of the Osage tribe. Her great-grandfather, Peter Bigheart, was an essential pillar of the community. And her father was prominent as well. Maria’s mother was of Scott-Irish descent – no native whatsoever. Does this strip Maria of her heritage according to the present-day SJW racist argument? Maria had one daughter by a man of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Her daughter is a very attractive blond. Does Maria’s daughter get to say Maria is her mother… or is that too offensive to the white and privileged liberal youth of Twitter, Ivy League campuses, and white-bred zip codes? More importantly, why the fuck does society care what these racist, malicious, spoiled brats think?

The term legalized kidnapping first emerged regarding the forced separation and forced adoptions of Native children. The First Nations suffered the human rights violation of family separation, which we’ve recently witnessed with the refugee crisis at the border. Overlord whites will invent excuses to take a baby off his/her mother’s breast. The cognitive dissonance of the Left is especially disturbing when it excuses the forced adoptions/legalized kidnapping of peoples the Left chooses to ignore and/or marginalize.

I’ve had the same dental hygienist for a decade now. Visiting the dentist is like visiting family. Marla and I always catch up on what’s going on in each other’s life. We’ve talked about DNA and heritage. Marla is descended from a Cherokee baby who was given to whites during the Trail of Tears. Therefore, she has some knowledge and record of her ancestor. Did they take her grandmother by force? Did her ancestor’s mama “choose” to give her up in desperation? When it’s the only choice, or a forced choice – coercion- between life and death, it’s not a choice. This is what the Left refuses to understand, and they profess to be all for choice. Hypocrisy.


Cherokee Chief John Ross saw the Cherokee through the Trail of Tears. Mrs. Ross died on the trail from exposure after giving her blanket to a sick child.

It is estimated 2,000–6,000 people of the Five Civilized Tribes died on the Trail of Tears. Many were young children. These tribes are called the Five Civilized Tribes because they assimilated willingly and well into European culture. No doubt this offends the SJW Left today. The Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw owned their own lands legally. And they were wealthy, often regional leaders. The Left spins the myth of every Native American from this era living in a teepee. This is far from historic fact, especially the Cherokee, who even owned plantations. The Cherokee and Choctaw liberally married whites. They look very much like many of us who are descended from our regional First Nations.

I have a close friend who I think of as an aunt because she’s my mother’s age; I’m the right age to have been her daughter, and we are very similar in ways that you’d think we’re related. Sunae is Korean, half-Korean. Her father is a war veteran. She immigrated with her mother during the Korean war as a young child. Because of her unique heritage and height, she’s racially ambiguous. She had that exotic look as a young woman that’s desirable in models today. One the groups Sunae often is mistaken for is Cherokee, even by tribal Cherokees.


Sunae with her son, Kurt… yes, he has red hair! He looks like her could be my brother, a mix between Emily and me.

The leftist “cultural appropriation” fallacy is one we’d discussed and complained about extensively. When the likes of Nazi-Eyes aren’t informing multi-racial and biracial people what they can or cannot claim in their ancestry, they’re targeting racially ambiguous folks or people who just love the world and celebrate all of us. Now how shallow and racist is that – to judge someone based on appearance, their features and their skin color? That’s the Left of the 21st century.

Sunae disapproved of the bullying of the young girl for wearing a traditional Asian dress to prom that took the internet by storm a few years ago. I had that style dress circa 1990s as a teen because that was one of the popular styles, and I wore it well. Even China loved that prom dress. It’s sick and sad that anytime we love each other and celebrate one another there’s a racist, gas-lighting response from the Left of hatred and segregation. I’ve lived long enough to see the Left become what the Right was in Cullman, Alabama.


Sunae as a girl, left photo from Korea


Sunae mentioned how many blonds have Asian features. Change their complexion and hair, they’d be Asian in appearance. John Denver, America’s greatest folk singer, for example, and top models such as Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Schiffer. Maybe we’re all not so different. As Sunae says, your ancestors are still your ancestors. No one can take them from you. And if you’re of the same animistic belief as I, they are always with you.



John Denver – he and Spock were both my teen-age dream. (My ex-husband called Spock my “space-jew.” He did not mean that to be a compliment.)

When I first heard and saw the insidious fallacious argument of “cultural appropriation,” my stomach turned, my eyes went wet. It was the same rhetoric, the same dangerous jargon, I heard as a girl in Cullman, Alabama. It’s the same argument for segregation and fear of “miscegenat-in’,” as they pronounced it. It’s a fallacious argument against embracing the multiculturalism of our country. The Left is espousing the ugly racism I heard in Cullman, Alabama from the Right. My world has turned upside down.

This is why this hatred from Nazi-Eyes and the Left is so dangerous: During the seven years we lived in Cullman, the Klan burnt out Mexicans. I remember Mama crying; a baby girl died in the fire. Racial hatred leads to cruelty and violence. Cullman was the seat of the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama at the time. I remember avoiding public rallies. The Catholic high-school I attended sent its non-white boarders home for safety. When I left Cullman, I thought I would never encounter rampant racial hatred again. But I have – on Twitter, and Twitter will lock down your account if you oppose the Left’s racism.


2015-11-02 22.43.59

Dia de los Muertos 2016

Bustle, a liberal online magazine, has claimed that we can’t celebrate or participate in holidays that aren’t part of the original culture of our very immediate grandparents. Bustle claimed it was “politically incorrect” for whites and blacks to join Mexicans in celebrating Day of the Dead. Birmingham’s Dia de los Muertos is one significant way the city has healed its racial tension. Everyone in the greater Birmingham area can walk in the parade. I have walked the parade. The festival grows each year; it fosters love and honor of our deceased loved ones. Anyone can make an alter to their family passed. It’s a wondrous celebration of Mexican history and culture right here in down-home Alabama.

Dia de los Muertos, Birmingham, Alabama 2012



Me in Cherokee… Daddy bought me that coon-skin cap for my birthday.

When we lived in my beloved eastern Tennessee, around the Great Smoky Mountains, Mama and Daddy took us to Cherokee, North Carolina. They wanted us to understand that we are connected to this region beyond just the physical address. It’s a part of our heritage, and no matter how distant the past grows, we have a responsibility to be good stewards. I spent more time outside in the woods than inside. My grandfather and father taught me to identify poison ivy, poison oak, the wing-span of various birds above, species of trees, and the differences between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

I didn’t realize how unique my years in the shadows of the Smokies were until biophobia was pronounced a thing. It’s important to honor the First Nations, even if you aren’t of them. They honored the land and animal peoples, known as First Peoples. If we can emulate the First Nations, we may just be able to save ourselves from our own hell – climate change and this current mass extinction. I’m here to tell you, reader, that my ancestors will love and accept you even if you don’t feel like you can belong to their tribe(s). Those in the spirit realms have a greater perspective than we do.


Emily and I somewhere in the Great Smoky Mountains in the 1980s.

Joy Harjo, first Native American United States Poet Laureate, says in Washing My Mother’s Body:

Her mother’s mother died when she was born

And her adoptive mother, another Cherokee woman,

had no love in her heart for the tiny girl

whose light hair betrayed her Indian-ness


Joy Harjo

Harjo says of her mother in her biography Crazy Brave, “My mother was beautiful and magnetic. She was that mix of Cherokee and European that dazzles.” Harjo’s father was Creek, or Mvskoke people. She is a direct descendant of Monahwee, and a great niece of Osceola. Osceola was a leader of the Seminole, the warrior who refused to sign a treaty with the United States government. His mother was African American, and Osceola was Creek as well as a bit of European.

Should we all be like the likes of Bustle and the SJW group-think, hating on young girls who don’t look like their racial expectations, like Harjo’s adoptive grandmother? Would a SJW like Nazi-Eyes get up in Osceola’s face and tell him he’s not a pure Seminole. I certainly doubt it. Osceola was a drop-dead gorgeous man as well as a bad-ass. I’m surprised he’s not better known. But history is written by the victors to be adapted by each era’s elite academics and social movements. Beautiful Osceola doesn’t fit into their politically correct narrative.



Part of the problem with elite whites, the limousine liberals of this century’s Left, is that many of them have never had an intimate friendship or deep relationship with anyone outside their race or culture. Mama lived in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1960s, early 70s during the Civil Rights Era. She attended the open Memorial Service for Dr. King. Mama’s seen and heard the nasty cry-bullying of “cultural appropriation” from white liberal elites who claim to speak for indigenous peoples. And she said this, “I never thought I’d live to see the hatred I saw in the 60s. But I have. And this time it’s the Left.”

collage-scan003 (2)

Mama in the late 1960s

Mama grew up a share-cropper’s daughter in the boot-hill of Missouri under the Mason-Dixon line. Her family didn’t have indoor plumbing until she was in third grade. Mama was so poor that she and her siblings didn’t know what segregation was – they attended school with African American kids. Her family almost starved to death one winter; a compassionate grocery store owner told my grandfather to take what he needed and pay him back later. My oldest uncle died as a teenager in a tractor accident. He jumped on the tractor, which had run into down wires, to save another man. My uncle died – he was electrocuted. This is also part of my family history liberals attempt to erase every time a prominent Democrat like Bernie Sanders makes a stupid, incorrect statement about how “white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

My ancestors had to hide their heritage, now the Left demands we hide our ancestors. Just like they had to hide to survive, the Left attempts to make it where we must hide our family stories to socially survive in the politically correct world they are socially engineering. My husband pointed out the gross irony – this is exactly the outcome the Andrew Jackson administration wanted: complete forced assimilation into their brand of white nationalism. The victims of the Trial of Tears would be devastated to know that their scions are still bullied into denying them to this day. My husband is correct. The Left is finishing Jackson’s work of assimilation via annihilation of culture.


Me with Mario back in 1999, and we were partying like it was 1999.

The gross racism of the Left’s tittie-baby generation – their hatred for multiculturalism and tacos – should come as no surprise to any of us. The pendulum swings perpetually. It was a biracial friend, Mario, who told me, “Amber, people really are stupid. You need to realize no one is ever going to understand what you’re saying no matter how correct and just it is because they are committed to misunderstanding you and misrepresenting everything you say.” Mario said this as an explanation to every dumb thing I have witnessed and would witness. He also added. “One day you’ll realize this and think, ‘I knew this black Italian guy who told me so years ago’.” It’s been twenty years since he spoke those words to me. Mario was right.

And that’s the Left’s dog to kick now – anyone who is of ambiguous race and/or embraces more than the culture or people they resemble. Hey, does anyone remember when the Left pretended to care about climate change?

I end this blog post with a song from my childhood. Please listen to the message and please understand.


The Trail of Tears: The Forced Removal of the Five Civilized Tribes, Charles River Editors

Crazy Brave, Joy Harjo

An American Sunrise: Poems, Joy Harjo

Maria Tallchief: America’s Prima Ballerina, Maria Tallchief

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants, Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Cherokee Herbal: Native Plant Medicine from the Four Directions, J.T. Garrett

Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition, John G. Neihardt

Eerie Alabama: Chilling Tales from the Heart of Dixie, Alan Brown… (I’m including this book because it includes the Wampus Cat legend. There are many versions and tales of the Wampus Cat across Alabama and into Tennessee. However, Wampus Cat is a Cherokee myth of a puma woman, something like a werecat. Daddy would always talk about how the Wampus Cat took kids that misbehaved. But depending the spin, she’s good or bad. I think of her as an aspect of Bastet. Also, an account the Bell Witch of Tennessee appearing in Florence, Alabama is recorded. I grew up reading the Bell Witch story every Halloween. All Tennesseans know the legend of the Bell Witch. FYI: The Bell Witch scared the shit out of Andrew Jackson and his men. Lastly, my family story of that time some cousin dressed up as an alien is documented in Brown’s book. My blog post regarding the matter: The Space Ballad of Ricky Joe.

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

Poverty, Inc.

Two of my older posts related to this topic:

The Great White Savior Complex

I inadvertently found myself a human rights activist… and the Left hates me for it.


Regarding Nazi-Eyes:

Let me make this abundantly clear before any potential shit-ass try claim I consider all blue-eyed people “Nazis” when I’m obviously speaking of a specific privileged and racist white guy who feels so entitled that he can inform you and I what we can claim from our genetics.  However, there’s always some shit-ass who will manipulate, steal, and re-organize words to shame, confuse, and deceive. People who do so are liars, cheats, and sociopaths.

Also note, Nazi-Eyes advocated for taking babies away from mothers so transgenders can live out the fetish of breast-feeding. No tests or research had been conducted on the elevated quantities of milk-inducing hormones that transgenders ingest. Testing such high doses requires a live baby. Well, thanks to liberals like Nazi-Eyes, that’s happening. And these very same liberals don’t care that breast-feeding is essential to a mother’s health and healing. It’s a cancer preventative.

Regarding Liberals & Legalized Kidnapping:

I have screenshots of a “blue wave” brat – a female – lecturing disenfranchised white women who lost their babies to private, for-profit adoption agencies for the social “crime” of being poor or single. This liberal echoed religious right propaganda and soundbites. And here’s the thing – the Right is learning that coerced and forced separation of mother and child only encourages abortions, so they’re backing off from adoption because they realize motherhood is the alternative to abortion – adoption is a controversial parenting style benefiting the wealthier and privileged.

It’s terrifying to see the Left belittled women, our bodies, and our choices. Leftists have said to me that if a pregnant woman makes the wrong choice, then she deserves to suffer a forced adoption because “gay people want newborns.” That’s right – the Left advocates abusing a historically marginalized group of human beings: impoverished and disenfranchised girls and women in social or financial crisis.

Neither my husband nor I are conservative. We’re pro-choice and atheistic. My husband is a physicist; I’m an English teacher. We live our life in peace, and we believe others have the right to live their lives in peace. We respect personal autonomy. As long as you’re not causing suffering or insisting that everyone partake of your life-style choice, adopt your religious convictions or trending lexicon, I could give two rabbit turds as to what you do or think.