Yes, generalizations are a thing whether we like it or not…

There is a new atheist female, a Jabba the Hutt of a woman, who has a penchant for using minorities in Western societies as her limousine liberal shield. For example, she’ll wipe out the “we can’t generalize because black people in America are generalized by the police” fallacy if one presents a hypothesis of which she and her new atheist group-mind do not approve. Jabba isn’t an American, and she doesn’t give a rip about African Americans. But she sure will use us as her shield, a twisted and racist – yes, racist – fallacy to score what she perceives to be a point.

Note: I did have awesome screenshots of this above mentioned exchange via Twitter; but, alas, my cat who midwives turds knocked my phone into the toilet. Thus, data was an offering to the porcelain god.

Interestingly, the last time I heard that fallacy so manipulatively invoked it was by an intersectional post-modern feminist – a mannish women studies professor. Jabba claims to be against both intersectional feminism and post-modernity. This aides my thesis that limousine/classical liberals and tittie-baby SJW leftists are more alike than not.

Some generalizations are “bad” as in the politically “incorrect” manner of badness. Some generalizations are “good,” some so good that they’re compliments. Generalizations are sometimes neutral, and sometimes invoke a complete range of opinions and feelings depending on who’s queried.

Whatever their assigned alignment by the likes of new atheist Jabba and friends, generalizations popularly go by the term stereotype. No doubt you immediately thought of a stereotype, one unwillingly – maybe even politically incorrectly – jumped into your brain fired by those stereotyping neurons, when I invoked the word. I’ll invite you to muse over your stereotypes….

If you were in Alabama where I currently reside, I could show you that trailer park stereotype that everyone loves to hate – the poor, white people stereotype. We’ve got an entire range, from good ‘ol boy to redneck to just down right white-trash. Here’s a video from Cullman, Alabama where I had the misfortune of residing for seven years of my late childhood.

Canada has their own rendition of poor, white culture – albeit fictional:

trailer park boys

Trailer Park Boys

Society, especially the liberal elite, doesn’t deem the above stereotypes offensive because they deny the very reality of impoverished American mutts. It just doesn’t fit into their narrative and/or agenda. The limousine liberals have spoken, and it ain’t racist to love you some white-trash stereotyping.

However, the liberal elites do get offended by Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. And they don’t just get all offended, they believe they – the Great White Liberal Elites – have the right to inform two very successful comedians what they can say and not say. Leftists will and do lecture African Americans in regards to how they can present themselves and their own culture. This entitlement is not only bizarrely racist, it’s the apotheosis of liberal elite privilege.

We’re all moved by stereotypes. We laugh, cry, and yell at them. And we are them. Stereotypes evolve into those archetypal pop culture memes when we label ourselves and others. Perhaps it’s the labeling that’s problematic. What if society labels you and yours something that you are definitely not? This is where discrimination and persecution make their entrance.

The few individuals who defy labels are the ones coming under fire from every angle and side, especially in today’s political climate. There is no community backing when we’re targeted. My husband and I are examples of people who don’t fit anywhere. We’re centrists in the literal definition of the term, not the dishonest classical liberal spin. We live in a state where we have nothing in common with 99.9% of fellow Alabamians. And we’re a (human) kid-free family from a generation that’s not even an actual generation, referred to as a micro-generation, of which society can’t agree on a name/label.

I’ve written extensively how it’s the Left that’s become the conservatives I saw in childhood. The Left has become what they so avidly hate. The more leftists bully, harass, and shame those liberal-minded individuals who don’t “liberal” exactly the same way their almighty group-mind decree, they create more centrists and even new conservatives. The Left creates their own nemesis, their own backlash and downfall, so demonize onward leftist soldiers!

Back to stereotypes; let’s have some fun. Here’s a few that chap my ass: 1) the pop culture “witch” which is belittling to actual witches 2) the cat lady incorrectly presented as lonely, inelegant, and hoarding when in reality it’s the opposite 3) the “goth” label incorrectly applied to pale, dark-featured people who use sunscreen instead of frying our skin and prematurely aging.* I could go on but my stereotypes get even more liminal or meta and Other-ish to where they’re just esoteric.

*I’d like to note that all the bitches who criticized my pallor have aged like shit. Peers from high school and college look at least fifteen years older than me.

The Craft

“The Craft,” one of the dumbest movies known to man and chock full of silly and just plain wrong stereotypes regarding witchcraft. e.g. Mabon is a harvest holiday – not a deity.

pm book

Practical Magic, a book turned movie, is a whimsical, sweet, and more accurate – despite its magical realism – depiction of witches than any other Hollywood endeavor.

proper cat lady

The real “cat lady” is chic –   très élégante.

I’ll end with a truism – the most predictable “stereotype,” or more correctly – truth: cat truth