Yes, generalizations are a thing whether we like it or not…

There is a new atheist female, a Jabba the Hutt of a woman, who has a penchant for using minorities in Western societies as her limousine liberal shield. For example, she’ll wipe out the “we can’t generalize because black people in America are generalized by the police” fallacy if one presents a hypothesis of which […]

Cherokee: Exposing Liberal Racism

This post is dedicated with love to Mama and Sunae Thomson. It was seventh grade when a blond kid with dishwater pale blue-eyes kid turned around to inform me that I didn’t look Native American – that I was too pale. Why did he do this? Because I spoke up in dissent when the teacher […]

Book Review of “Waking the Witch”

I was so excited to read this book! As a witchy woman, I thought it would be a welcoming and intriguing read. I enjoyed the various name-dropping of surrealists, about half of whom I already loved. I’m glad to see Tori Amos, Mazzy Star, and other 1990’s music goddesses appreciated. Pam Grossman did a decent […]

Arizona Official caught for adoption trafficking/child smuggling & Medicaid fraud

I addressed the cruel adoption trafficking scams of the Marshall Islands back in 2015. The indigenous people of the Islands are prime victims for the predatorial private adoption industry:  the concept of adoption means a completely different thing in their culture. The term adoption, of course, is an English word. History shows family separation to […]