Cats Rule, Humans Drool… And I just busted up your soundbites and superstitions.

astro cats“Money talks, bullshit walks.” And fear-mongering soundbites peppered with superstitions and pseudoscience, equals viewer/consumer attention equals more bucks for unscrupulous media sources. From Animal Planet – a media outlet that should know better – to the hipster “The Young Turks”, the media at large has pimped out blatantly fallacious statistics and half-assed pseudoscience aimed at sabotaging the every-lasting popularity of those people who repeatedly broke, and now own, the internet: CATS.

Ailurophobia is a thing, as dumb as it sounds. Whether tied to come creepy misogyny left over from the Middle Ages when cats and women were actually burned at the stake together, a “doctor” who barely made it through medical school whoring out uneducated opinions, or a bag of douche just wanting to be controversial to stir a shit pot, jealous humans love to demonize the most beautiful of mammals. Felines are the most defamed species on Planet Earth.

stag catBut my furry friends also have plenty of adoring fans, among them yours truly. Without further adieu, here’s my debunking of bullshit…

The Songbird Myth: Pseudoscience and trash soundbites are getting cats killed. The endgame is the eradication of all predators.

NPR calls for the genocide of domestic cats, even house cats.

The Toxoplasmosis Superstition:  Spontaneous Generation in a cat’s asshole is NOT a thing…

Fear-mongering:  Toxoplasmosis & Scapegoating Cats

Defending Felines:  False Statistics & Soundbites

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