Newborn Adoption Trafficking – Exposing Child Trafficking

meme newsI’ve added a separate page for the nightmare issue of infant trafficking/forced adoption where I’ve unwittingly found myself an online social activist. NO, I am not an adoptee, and I’m childfree. As the adage goes, I have no dog in this fight. I’m just an ethically-minded humanist speaking out against an insidiously concealed social injustice. And as stated previously, we witnessed this unrequited crime as kids vicariously through
friends and family. The psychological scarring done to mothers is a crime against humanity. The trauma of mother loss to adoptees is a lifelong issue, often heartlessly disregarded as an example of an inherited “bad seed.”

If infertile people areevil people meme so desperate for an infant that they’ll entertain an unethical adoption, they don’t need to be parents. Maybe nature already knew this? Buying a baby, especially via manipulation and trickery, is infant/child trafficking. It’s natural to feel insecure about parenting, especially when it may come as an unplanned surprise. It’s not natural for profiteers and infertile people to manipulate, guilt, and scold mothers into the “do what’s best” fallacy. Playing on a mother’s unconditional love is not just ugly, it’s evil. If our society truly was one of separation of church and state, factions steeped in fanatical dogma and misogynistic beliefs would find it more difficult to shame motherhood outside of their self-proclaimed ideal. There’s no shame in being a single, young or poor mother; yet, the religiosity that seeps its way into our public governmental sphere has manufactured shame and guilt. The adoption industry – the business of trafficking infants – is the product of motherhood’s degradation by the economic elite and religious fanaticism.

karmaMy posts are listed below. I hope my writings assist in the fight against infant trafficking, as I’ve debunked fallacies and exposed vampires to the light. My background is in public policy/law and English literature, which explains the academic flavoring to my posts. But I don’t pull my punches. How do you slay a vampire? Drag it into the light. Here’s a light:


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PLEASE check out Jennifer Wachowski’s Musings of a Birthmom for other sources and accounts, including information on the baby-buying scandals of Alabama via Adoption Rocks:

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