Birds of Prey – A Reason To Keep Cats Indoors

We live in a suburb of Birmingham next to miles of undeveloped forest. Our neighborhood backs right up to the wild, and the hill in our yard is a rabbit warren. We keep it trim but mostly uncultivated for our cotton tail friends. We also have a great horned owl who lives in the woods. […]

Fear-mongering: Toxoplasmosis & Scapegoating Cats

It would be great if soundbites, yellow book journalism, and fear-mongering were left in the twentieth century, or at least exclusive to Fox News. Unfortunately, it’s not credibility the media at large is looking for – it’s attention. Every year or so the fear mongering and pseudoscience of a certain protozoan parasite, toxoplasmosis, makes its […]

Defending Felines: False Statistics & Soundbites

A couple years ago, I composed a letter to two media sources correcting the blatantly erroneous and shameful misinformation published regarding feral and outdoor cats. This false statistic has been circulating the interwebs and media for ten years. Of course we keep our feline children strictly indoors, but I cannot stand to see cats, as […]