The Songbird Myth: Pseudoscience and trash soundbites are getting cats killed. The endgame is the eradication of all predators.

Cats are an essential part of nature. Cat biology expresses their place in the natural environment and how felis catus plays an important roles in balancing the local ecosystem. The current trend in environmental science and the pop culture ecology movement is to demonize cats. It’s the same modus operandi that drove American wolves to […]

NPR calls for the genocide of domestic cats, even house cats.

* In 2005 NPR released an article with a title that seemingly encouraged people to shoot domestic cats: Shooting Domestic Cats to Save Wild Birds Fox News is notorious for deleting comments and posted facts/links to scientific research literature. NPR proved themselves to be the same as Fox News. They’re just the other extreme of the […]

Birds of Prey – A Reason To Keep Cats Indoors

We live in a suburb of Birmingham next to miles of undeveloped forest. Our neighborhood backs right up to the wild, and the hill in our yard is a rabbit warren. We keep it trim but mostly uncultivated for our cotton tail friends. We also have a great horned owl who lives in the woods. […]

The Toxoplasmosis Superstition: Spontaneous Generation in a cat’s asshole is NOT a thing…

Deworm your pets, people. Toxoplasmosis is a protozoan parasite contracted by ingesting under-cooked meats and handling bird shit. The antibiotic Albon is used to treat protozoans parasites. Common de-wormers address other issues such as ringworm. Keep your cats inside and don’t feed them raw meat, and they won’t contract this parasite. All mammals are susceptible […]

Fear-mongering: Toxoplasmosis & Scapegoating Cats

It would be great if soundbites, yellow book journalism, and fear-mongering were left in the twentieth century, or at least exclusive to Fox News. Unfortunately, it’s not credibility the media at large is looking for – it’s attention. Every year or so the fear mongering and pseudoscience of a certain protozoan parasite, toxoplasmosis, makes its […]

Defending Felines: False Statistics & Soundbites

A couple years ago, I composed a letter to two media sources correcting the blatantly erroneous and shameful misinformation published regarding feral and outdoor cats. This false statistic has been circulating the interwebs and media for ten years. Of course we keep our feline children strictly indoors, but I cannot stand to see cats, as […]