Will the real Cunt please stand up? (Samantha Bee, stand up.)

To the chorus of “Old McDonald had a farm…” With a cunt, cunt there. And a cunt, cunt here. You’re a cunt, I’m a cunt. Everyone’s a cunt, cunt! First, let’s look at all these life and death issues – the actual human rights violations ignored – so everyone could bitch about the name-calling and […]

Female Patriarchs, Pt. 1

Catholic nuns, prudish Mormon matrons, and women of the GOP are all obvious examples of women who are misogynists, often much worse than men towards women. But you don’t have to be an Ann Coulter or S.E. Cupp to be a female patriarch. The average female social worker and police officer that sides with the […]

“Basic Bitch” is a racist, sexist slur! …And I’m totally embracing it. (Political Correctness, Pt.I)

The phrase “basic bitch” is sexist and racist. And, yes, it’s a slur. We’re only white women after all. Never mind us while we sit here lookin’ pretty sipping some pumpkin spice and talking about shoes among other trivial things. Is the trending insult “basic bitch” as dumb as it is sexist and racist? Yes. […]