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Lover of all things feline, free-spirited, and fine…tortoiseshell cats, la luna, manatees, the American South, my grandma’s type-writer, weeping willows, orchids, Bengal cats, indigo buntings, chipmunks, ferns, pebbles & stones, New Mexico, rabbits, Cornwall, herbs & botany, barred owls, sea shells, Maine Coons, water, mermaids, books, unicornis, walrus, moon snails

My name is Amber LaShea Geislinger. I am a share-cropper’s granddaughter and a physicist’s wife, mother of cats, English teacher, yoga/Pilates instructor, former ballet dancer, human rights activist, heroine for cats, volunteer (animal rescue), writer/blogger, animist, secular, English teacher, housewife, American traditionalist, centrist/mixed politics – democratic socialist in regards to healthcare and education, Southerner, craft beer  & coffee snob

Hate feminism and bitches? Well, you’ll like “Power Whores & Female Patriarchs: Feminism Failed” collection of essays available soon.

NOTE:  This blog is about my life experiences, personal philosophy, causes, and interests. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated and/or cited. (And I cite a bunch of sources.) This blog is centrist in nature:  pro-choice, pro-cat, pro-motherhood, pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-science. I’m writing for all the above causes. If you’re not a this kind of person, you need to find your tribe elsewhere.

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