the lady & the blog


My name is Amber LaShea Holmes Geislinger. I am a share-cropper’s granddaughter and a physicist’s wife.

(human rights activist, heroine for cats, volunteer (animal rescue), writer/blogger, animist, secular, English teacher, a perpetual student of life, American traditionalist, centrist/mixed politics, democratic socialist, Southerner, wine & coffee snob)

***Update:  My current project is exposing and dismantling 3rd wave intersectional feminism, or what is called “gender feminism.” Egalitarianism is contentious and contrary to classically liberal values as well as family values, anti-motherhood, and a direct assault on femininity and masculinity. My collection of essays, Power Whores & Female Patriarchs:  Why Feminism Failed, will be available in 2019.

my book:  Lovecraft’s Daughter

NOTE:  This blog is about my life experiences, personal philosophy, causes, and interests. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated and/or cited. This blog is centrist in nature:  pro-choice, pro-cat, pro-motherhood, pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-science. I’m writing for all the above causes. If you’re not a this kind of person, you need to find your tribe elsewhere. I do not engage in debate.

Live long and prosper.

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