the lady & the blog


My name is Amber LaShea Holmes Geislinger. I am a share-cropper’s granddaughter and a physicist’s wife.

— human rights activist, heroine for cats, writer (fairy tales), M.A. English lit., physicist’s wife, animistic humanist, witch, teacher, democratic socialist, centrist/classical liberal, Southerner, wine snob

***Update:  My current project is exposing and dismantling 3rd wave intersectional feminism, or what is called “gender feminism.” Egalitarianism is contentious and contrary to classically liberal values, anti-motherhood, and a direct assault on femininity and masculinity. My collection of essays, Attention Whores & Female Patriarchs:  Why Feminism Failed, will be available Fall 2018.

my book:  Lovecraft’s Daughter

NOTE:  This blog is about my life experiences, personal philosophy, causes, and interests. All content and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated and/or cited. This blog is classically liberal in nature:  pro-choice, pro-cat, pro-motherhood, pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-science. I’m writing for all the above causes. If you’re not a this kind of person, you need to find your tribe elsewhere. I do not engage in debate.

Live long and prosper.

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